30 Business Ideas for 2023:

by Clint Fiore (Twitter @ClintFiore)

(🧵on observed trends and biz ideas to capitalize on them)

Trend: Working from Home

1) Niche remodeling that exclusively turns seldom-used dining rooms, spare bedrooms, and garage bays into dream home offices fully kitted out for remote work and video calls and content. (sound, lighting, etc.) Or just designs them.

2) Garage remodeling including floor coatings, cabinets, home gyms, man caves, storage solutions etc. Turn large neglected garages into show stoppers.

3) Backyard resort makeovers (kitchens, firepits, pools, playgrounds) are here to stay. People home a lot need to play too.

Trend: Global Remote Workforce

4) People want to hire global remote talent but it’s harder to know the caliber of a candidate just from a zoom interview and resume. Start a company that tests, interviews, and evaluates candidates for a fee to help make sure they land all-stars.

Trends: Health and Wellness

5) Sauna and Cold Plunge Sales and Install. People are going bonkers for these.

6) Cold Plunge Manufacturing. I think there needs to be more options at more price points. Not very good selection and value presently. Hasn’t kept up w/demand.

7) TRT therapy. Testosterone is plummeting for some reason and its all middle age high income dudes trying to be fit are talking about. Make a zillion dollars treating it with pellets, shots, oral tabs, and cream. It works, it’s expensive, and it’s long-term recurring revenue.

Trends: Food and Beverage

8) Bars in big cities with zero alcohol with great vibes and all varieties of mocktails for the growing segment of the population that abstains from alcohol. Or more non-alcoholic accomodations and shame-free options at normal bars and nightclubs.

9) Healthy-ish fast food, with no seed oils, corn syrup, or other unpopular industrial ingredients. Think real sugar and healthy sugar substitutes only. Anything fried is in tallow, lard, or maybe coconut oil. Good fats, no bad fats, and lots of high protein / low carb options

10) PCaaS. Personal Chef as a Service. Subscription options. Real chefs cook at ghost kitchens nearby exactly what you want according to your dietary preferences, and bring you “home cooked” meals at whatever intervals you choose. Ghost kitchens in high income residential areas

Trends: Boomers

11) Golf Cart Sales and Service. Holy crap the demand! Not just for golfers. Every gated community has people in golf carts rolling around their ‘hoods. Have a new dealership and also do used sales, upgrades (lifts, wheels, and accessories) and service

12) Mobility. Sell in-home elevators, stair lifts, recliners that tilt you up, mobility scooters, wheelchair ramp installs, easy entry bathtubs and showers, etc. Hugely bullish on all this.

13) Tech. Household managed IT services for Boomers personal electronics and smart homes

Trend: Homeschooling and Alternative Education

14) Imagine an incredible Coworking space in a hot tech hub, but it’s for homeschoolers. Different levels of membership for different ages, and whether or not their parent is their with them or they need guides/tutors to supervise

15) Micro Schools. Hire a teacher, host the space, and charge parents of ~10 similar aged kids to all have just that 1 teacher so many days a week and make a margin for putting it all together. More formal than #14 idea, for small groups. Cheaper than private school. Check laws

16) Music and Sports. People are leaving public schools to homeschool in big numbers and parents still want them to be able to participate in sports and arts. Band. Choir. Clubs. Athletics. Etc. Recreate all extracurriculars as awesome small businesses

17) Autism and Special Education options. People need more and better care here and there’s a segment of the population that will pay for it if you create better options for them.

18) Homeschool consulting. Walk new homeschool parents through curriculum selection and a system

Trend: Pet Obsession

19) Have a pet resort as a hub and mobile grooming and training vans that roll out from there daily and maybe poop pickup routes too. Be the solution for everything except the veterinary piece… or maybe even rent part of the facility to a vet?

Trend: Transportation

20) Will anyone ever create a semi-affordable retrofit of classic cars to become fully electric daily drivers? Jeeps, Porsche, Corvettes, Cobras, Muscle Cars, all come to mind…

21) Auto shops. New cars are expensive and interest rates are high. Fix em

22) Flight Training. Soooo many markets have a shortage of instructors and good flight training. Recruiting instructors is the challenge. Pay them well and create a premium instruction and rental operation in a place w/a shortage. Nice planes w/glass cockpits instead of old junk

23) Aircraft Detailing. Great “sweaty startup” with much better economics and ROI on your time than auto detailing.

24) Aircraft maintenance, overhaul, upgrades, paint, avionics, etc. There’s a resurgence of General Aviation interest. New plane owners want upgrades & MX partner.

25) RV’s. I’m not bullish on new RV sales so much as I am maintenance, detailing, storage, as well as brokering. Lots of small businesses possible keeping RV’s shiny, protected, running, and trading hands on the used market.

Trends: Gen Z and Millennials

26) Adventure travel. Int’l adventure travel is back! Poor 20-somethings have been cooped up in the prime of their lives. They’re ready to see the world and spend some money on it. Create adventurous travel experiences for them.

27) I think there’s real business to be had with social media, porn, and smartphone detoxing and addictions. Whether that’s camps, counseling, or high tech solutions to high tech problems. Lots of people need help disconnecting and don’t know how to get it.

Trends: SMB / Entrepreneurship

28) Bookkeeping and business finance. Thousands of businesses being bought by serious operators that don’t want to use Seller’s daughter-in-law for their books and are ready to outsource their books to pros and get proactive advice on them.

29) SMB Consulting. Specifically EOS, Value Builder, and Exit Planning. Massive opportunities in the 2-50M revenue space where people are wanting to professionalize their ops/management and build value towards an exit. Not enough pros to help all the people that need it.

30) Fractional video production and Social Media Marketing Combo. Get a studio with a great camera, lighting, and sound setup. Get a bunch of SMB owners to come in 1X a month and shoot a month’s of video content w/you that you then edit and distribute for them across social.

Trend: Childcare

31) Childcare

*disclaimer, this post is personal opinions based on stuff I personally like and problems I observe, but I also believe there’s good money to be made in almost any industry, and there’s good and bad businesses in all industries.