Interested in skipping the small talk, want to increase profitability, scale up, and build your business? Then join TRG Mastermind. This is a private group on a mission to create financially independent owners, while teaching them to avoid potential pitfalls, as they grow.

TRG Tribe

Expert Interviews

Live & Recorded Videos

Members and experts in varying business sectors present relevant content that is shared exclusively with TRG Tribe members.

Engage live during video presentations or participate in videos as an expert to gain insight and exposure,

Two different segments:

Industry Expert Q&A

Vendor Q&A (attorneys, accountants, investment bankers)



Listen & Participate

TRG invites a select number of business owners to share their experiences. The goal is to personally learn how to make less mistakes and avoid the typically pitfalls that restrict growth. Strict confidentiality guidelines at required by all participants.

Two different segments:

Monthly Q & A: The TRG leadership team holds one live session per month

Unconventional Trends: New trends in buying, building and technology will be addressed.

You are not alone, Mastermind members collaborate.

What is the mastermind?

It is private Facebook group for members to share ideas and engage on how to scale, increase profitability and build their business. This group has monthly events, education, Q&A, and is a chance for all business owners to engage online. Engaging with fellow TRG members, will yield the most return on your membership.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! For interested members whose budget doesn't allow for full payment, let us help! Tell us your story, share with us why you should be part of this community, the value you will bring, and how you can give back to fellow Mastermind members. TRG may be able to sponsor your membership.

How long is membership?

Membership is annual and members will resubscribe on their anniversary date. For the most engaged members, we offer a lifetime membership option.

How do you best use Mastermind and engage?

The most effective members create microteams, these are small groups of 2-4 members who come together to hold each other accountable to your business journey and goals. The members who seek out these "A-Teams" are more likely to be the most successful and get sh*t done.

Who is best suited for membership?

The Mastermind is for those who execute. Join if you are seriously making moves to scale, increase profitability, and build a thriving business. Membership is for you if you are a doer and want to contribute to the community.

What resources will be available?

With TRG Mastermind membership you will have an opportunity to connect with like-minded business leaders, and communicate any questions to the group based on your goals. TRG will connect you to other team leaders who will help you succeed and provide a TRG toolkit that is constantly updated with fresh tools and resources.


$1497 For 12 Months

Online Course + Mastermind Group

If you want to surpass your goals while connecting with aligned business leaders, avoid pitfalls, and grow-nothing will ensure success like participating in a group of like-minded individuals sharing their lessons, Join our private Facebook group and experience this truth for yourself.

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