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Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Robert Clinkenbeard - Global Business Coach

Robert Clinkenbeard – Global Business Advisor / Owner

Robert Clinkenbeard co-founded one of the largest landscape companies (ILM) in the South West Region of the United States back in 2001.  The company grew to 350+ employees with 5 branches and revenue more than $20MM. The company had a very successful exit back in 2016.

Since Robert has had the experience to scale a company up quickly he is now focused on coaching other CEO’s and Key Executives in business and personal growth. He is currently becoming certified with Gazelles International Coaches and is closely working with various peer and mastermind groups.

Robert is the past President of the AZ Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and has helped grow the EO Accelerator program globally to 9 regions. He also currently serves on the EO Western Regional Council’s Board as an Area Director. In December 2017 he completed his two-year term as the President of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association.

Robert was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Arizona in 1999 to find a better lifestyle, new opportunities and to widen his traveling options. Robert has been married for eight years to his wife, Faith, and is kept busy with five children. He played competitive rugby and soccer for 20 years and has competed in 4 Ironman triathlon events so there fully understands discipline, strategy and execution.

Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Brian Williams
David Anderson - Leadership Coach

My leadership path has taken me from president of my college fraternity to working at the White House. Along the way, I’ve seen the best and worst examples of leadership — and I’ve learned from both scenarios. I’ve achieved success, but I’ve also experienced failure. Having learned so much from my many successes — as well as from the hard knocks of business, and life — I’m now focused on sharing my expertise so that I can help others build their businesses, learn to lead others as well as grow and prosper in their personal and professional lives. The experience I bring to my coaching includes the following:

  • Worked for two Presidents of the United States in the Executive Office of the President
  • Staff appointee to two US Presidential Commissions. Also served as a US Congressional Staffer.
  • An Entrepreneurs and CEO for over 25 years. Have started multiple companies including a marketing firm that has been in business for over 20 years.
  • Served on multiple Boards of Directors. Currently serving as a global board member for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). A Global community of over 14,000 entrepreneurs in 60+ countries.
  • Author – Leadership is Not a Title
  • Mentor / Coach
  • Father to two boys. Married for almost 25 years.
  • Traveled the world (approx. 30 different countries). Has brought me a very good understanding of navigating cultural differences throughout the world.

As an executive / team coach I focus on three key areas:

  • Founder/Partner/CEO Advising: I work with entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs on developing themselves and their talents. This guidance can focus on professional development or can involve what I call “360-degree leadership”— an approach that includes self, work, family and community.
  • Executive Advising: Focusing on a primary member of your leadership team, I can help develop him/her into a better overall leader for your company. Likewise, I can coach and mentor this team member on specific leadership issues where there’s need for improvement.
  • Team Coaching: I work with entire leadership teams to build an environment of trust, respect, alignment and comradery, so that everyone is working toward the same objectives and goals.