Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Warren Wheat
Genesis Landscape Solutions

“Unlike other consultants / coaches I have worked with, Robert has the unique ability to quickly assess the big picture of a business, and gain an understanding of what is working and what isn’t. This allows him to make an almost immediate impact on strategies and profits. If you want a direct approach with no frills, that leads to results - Robert is your guy. He has and continues to be invaluable for my company.”

Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Blaine D. Mugleston
Colorphyll Designs, LLC

"In the business world for many years, working with Robert Clinkenbeard has definitely been one of the highlights for me.

For over a decade we worked together and he brought a whole new meaning to organized thinking, strategy for future, and discipline when it comes to growing the company and making business decisions with sound wisdom. Robert is a great listener, slow to making change until the homework and thought process is in place. I gained a lot from his coaching ability and example that he set to grow with wisdom while maintaining a good culture during the growth of the company."

Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson, PE, CSP
President | Peak Fall Protection, Inc.

"The growth of my business presents weekly challenges that require depth of experience or time to research practical solutions; time which is very scarce considering other commitments.

Maintaining a quick pace requires quick solutions, and I’ve found Robert Clinkenbeard to be a source of experience and insight that extends beyond my own. The ability to draw from Robert’s expertise and success on an as-needed basis has proved to be a timely and trusted resource, in addition to added accountability for implementation.

For the entrepreneur that is looking for an experienced and personalized source of information or additional perspective, Robert would be a very valuable asset!"

Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First

Wesley Reinke
Branch Manager - ILM

“I had a strong concept of customer service but lacked the ability and vision to influence and lead others. Robert made me realize that to be successful in my business I needed a coach that had already walked in my shoes.

His coaching style and his direction allowed me to understand situations from angles I never could see myself. I never realized how important a strong mentor was until I saw a noticeable difference in performance, loyalty from my team, and my overall happiness. He gently pushed me to succeed and kept me informed as to how decisions he made in the past influenced outcomes.

Ultimately, it was a self exploration process to help me achieve my long term goals of personal development and business success.”

Planting With Purpose:
Invest In YOU First


Greg Saltz

“Robert has been an invaluable member to our team. His in depth analysis and cerebral approach allows our company to make very well informed decisions related to management, hiring, goal setting and strategic planning.

He enables us to make an honest assessment of our ourselves which helps to identify our key blind spots and shortcomings.

The Radix Group also allows us to not get lost in day to day task oriented behavior by focusing on the big picture while maintaining a strategic and effective approach in our day to day business operations.”