Imagine this scenario: You join your team’s Zoom meeting. After a few minutes of friendly chit-chat, the conversation starts circling a vague objective that’s never discussed in any meaningful way. Nothing gets decided, no one is assigned ownership, and everyone closes out the Zoom window muttering about how much time they just wasted. Does this sound familiar? A meeting like that stops any efforts to get anywhere dead in its tracks.

While some obstacles are massive, like pandemic-related supply chain issues that delay crucial components in your technology, or a data breach that compromises your entire customer database, others, like those mind-numbingly pointless Zoom meetings, are commonplace issues.

Though an obstacle like this may seem small, it can spell D-A-N-G-E-R.

As CEO, your job is to maintain the awareness and discipline to ensure these challenges do not get out of hand and threaten to bring down your BIG dreams for 2022.

Here are 4 ways to mobilize your team to drive growth this year:

  1. Reinforce your company’s core values to prevent the “Big Quit” from top talent
    Companies that undergo a thoughtful process to develop values they believe in and bring them to life from the top down consistently are those that make an extraordinary and lasting impact.
  2. Make sure you have the right team to get where you want to go
    To achieve your Vision, you need the right A-players by your side, the team that will get you where you want to go. Building your Ironman Mindset is a disruptive way of looking at your business that can help you accelerate key hires and upgrades now so you’re setting yourself up to reach your next big goal.
  3. Promote laser focus by running more effective meetings
    At Bruce Wilson & Company, we recommend making your meetings “rapid,” or RPID. This four-part framework helps CEOs create a rigorous, clear, and regular cadence for efficient communication that keeps all levels of the business aligned towards achieving your Vision.
  4. Be flexible
    In the age of COVID-19, flexibility is a buzzword we often hear as it pertains to employees’ expectations around their working situation— flexibility to work remotely, flexibility to work compressed weeks, sabbaticals, etc. As the leader, it is in your best interest to listen and take action to build trust as the CEO.