Ask These Questions Every 90 Days

A handful of precious gems are just waiting to be mined within every 90-day period.

Here are 4 powerful questions to uncover the diamonds in the rough, and ensure you smash your next 90 days out of the park.

1) What were your Top 3 Big Wins from the last 90 days? Why?

In our constant pursuit of more, we miss the amazing things we’ve already achieved. Take a moment right now to think this through. Don’t rush. What are you proud of?

2) What were the Biggest Challenges that you “grew through”? What did you learn? 

Our true potential lies just outside of our comfort zone. What were the moments that tested you most? Zero in on each discomfort or hardship, and the valuable lesson within.

3) What ‘Unfinished Business’ should you nail in the first month ahead?

Let’s face it. Unless our targets aren’t ambitious enough there will always be unfinished business. The key is to identify and finish it asap, so you don’t risk your personal integrity, or take a year to do what could have been done in a quarter.

4) What are your Top 3 Aspirations for the next 90 days? And what is the #1 Obstacle for each + Plan to Overcome? 

Perhaps you want to double-down on one of your Big Wins, explore one of your Biggest Challenges, or simply crush any Unfinished Business. Or perhaps it’s time for something completely new. Choosing your aspirations is half the battle. Identifying the likely obstacles and how you would overcome each of them is the other half.