Building a Winning Team for your business

We are in full swing in many sports seasons with the NFL, College football, MLB playoffs and NBA games starting this week. As you sit and watch any of these sporting events, do you ever ask yourself if you have a business executive team that could bring you home the Championship business trophy? Do you have the right players with the right skill sets to achieve your strategic and business goals? In sports, your strategy is all about winning one more game on your way to a Championship season.

At the Radix Group, David Anderson our leadership coach works with business on exactly that – building a winning team for your business. Winning teams achieve strategic goals and produce results. On the latest podcast he talks about how he works specifically with CEOs and Executive teams to become High Performing Teams. Ones that work to achieve the 4 pillars of a successful / winning team. This includes:

1) a cohesive and trusting team
2) defined roles, responsibilities & accountability
3) process, systems and structure in place
4) Communications (clarity, respectful and timely).

If you have spent time investing in developing a strong strategy then make sure you have the team that can implement that strategy. Contact David here