How To Design A Process People Actually Want To Use

Written By Peter Lohmann

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Here’s a collection of concepts that I use when thinking about building a great process:

  1. Have realistic expectations
  2. Confirm you actually need a true Process (vs a reference document/Notion page)
  3. Get crystal clear on what triggers the process to start
  4. Start with low-tech
  5. Enforce a culture of daily task completion
  6. Contort your business to the tools
  7. Standardize terminology, punctuation, and verb tense
  8. Involve the right team members throughout
  9. Use as few tools & technology as possible, but no fewer
  10. Eliminate & re-order steps at every opportunity
  11. Don’t overlap with another process
  12. Don’t manually enter data at runtime if only used once
  13. Just enough process – don’t overengineer, boil the ocean
  14. Build for the common-case, not the rare exceptions
  15. Minimize (but don’t eliminate) conditional logic
  16. Put HOW to do it, WHERE you do it (self-documenting)
  17. Make it easy & fast to start the process
  18. Build in a few hours and deploy immediately. Capture the momentum
  19. Improvements should be incremental
  20. Don’t wait to start. “Minutes are hours, and hours are pain.” -Jon Matzner
  21. You’re never “done” with a process


Resources & Further Reading:

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