Robert Clinkenbeard Launches Ten Percent for a Sustainable Future Pledges Climate-Positive Funding that Improves Quality of Life

Robert Clinkenbeard, global entrepreneur and founder and CEO of The Radix Group, today announced Ten Percent, a program designed to support organizations and non-profits working towards a more sustainable future.

“As a Scotsman and environmentalist, I’m proud that Scotland hosted the climate change conference, COP26, in Glasgow. The global conversation is an opportunity for me to lend my voice and my resources to issues that will help define a healthier path for the world we live in. Sustainability and climate-positive approaches are central to success, and the success of our planet, and developing a social responsibility platform that contributes to the greater good is as personal as it is professional.”

said Robert, whose career backstory includes running one of the largest regional landscape and horticultural businesses in the American Southwest. 

The Radix Group family of companies includes a significant portfolio of CEO clients in the landscape and green industries, and Robert was a horticulturist before he became a successful landscape entrepreneur. Sustainability is a logical next step for him, he says, after a career spent addressing problems like drought and soil health, biodiversity, ecosystem health, supply chain impacts, energy transition, and better land use. 
“Changing the way I do business is a start,” he says. “I hope to set an example to my clients and colleagues that Ten Percent, and its template for giving back 10% of annual net profit, is one step forward on a longer journey to bring the change we need at the scale we need it.” 

Robert was born and raised in Scotland and the country’s dramatic landscape and its respect for nature had a big impact on his life. Today, as a responsible citizen of the world, Robert and The Radix Group’s client service platform will help business leaders make lasting and substantial improvements in their companies, and in the communities and environments they serve. 

“I’m proud of the progress the landscape industry is making—in alternative fuels, autonomous equipment, zero waste, and green technologies,” he adds. “But as environmental professionals and business and thought leaders, we need to think about our own role in being a force for change. For my team and my companies, Ten Percent is not a one-size fits all model.  It’s about having a positive impact on our changing planet and funding programs that improve the quality of life on earth.“