Want To Grow Your Business In 2022? Then Ditch Annual Planning

Are your thoughts turning to next year?  Thinking you need a new plan to grow your business in 2022?  Maybe you’ve dusted off your 2021 spreadsheet and want to use it as a template.  Stop right there!  The biggest mistake we see our clients make is viewing planning through a 12 months lens.

It’s natural to want to get off on the right foot as we enter the New Year.  Even if your annual cycle isn’t calendar, there’s a feeling of fresh impetus.  A new start.  But try not to fall into the trap of linear thinking – always looking backwards and using what you achieved last year as a benchmark for next year’s targets.  You’ll never achieve the rapid growth you crave by thinking this way. 

Too often, new clients come to us with a 5 – 7 year plan and then show us a spreadsheet for the next 12 months. It has no connection to the bigger plan!  And no clear evidence of how they’re going to hit that longer-term goal.  We tell them they need to shift their mindset away from fixed ideas of annual cycles towards a more agile, quarterly approach.  This is how you drive the metabolic rate of your organization up. Click here to find out more.