What does you or your business support?

Recently I announced my support behind Sustainability which tied into SOP26 Conference in Glasgow:

GREENVILLE, South Carolina – Robert Clinkenbeard, global entrepreneur and founder and CEO of The Radix Group, today announced Ten Percent, a program designed to support organizations and non-profits working towards a more sustainable future.

“As a Scotsman and environmentalist, I’m proud that Scotland hosted the climate change conference, COP26, in Glasgow. The global conversation is an opportunity for me to lend my voice and my resources to issues that will help define a healthier path for the world we live in,” said Robert, whose career backstory includes running one of the largest regional landscape and horticultural businesses in the American Southwest. Read the full Press release here

Do we utilize small teams effectively within our company?

We are convinced that every company faces specific performance challenges for which teams are the most practical and powerful vehicle at top management’s disposal. The critical role for senior managers, therefore, is to worry about company performance and the kinds of teams that can deliver it. This means top management must recognize a team’s unique potential to deliver results, deploy teams strategically when they are the best tool for the job, and foster the basic discipline of teams that will make them effective. By doing so, top management creates the kind of environment that enables team as well as individual and organizational performance. Read the full blog here